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Meet Our New Chair Marie-Clare Boothby!


By Marie-Clare Boothby

It takes a unique person to push the limits of success; for one to leave a solid career spanning several years to pursue a new venture and see it through. Most people never find that drive, more don’t even seek for it. It is the norm to find security in the safety of a monthly pay cheque and lie in the comforts of a bed made from experience in one field. After 20 years, I finally decided I had done all there was to do as a General Manager and co-owner of an award winning Financial Advice business, All Financial Services, and offered my talents up to another cause; service and business.

Since then, I have found immense satisfaction in using my abilities to serve my community both professionally and socially.

Socially, in 2016, I was a candidate in the NT’s general election which aligned with my passion to grow Palmerston and make a difference in the community in which I have chosen to raise my family. I still continue to be involved at the grass roots and inspire others to work towards a lifestyle we all desire. I believe action is the greatest foundation for a difference in our world and that is why I earnestly get involved with a variety of community activities.

Professionally, I founded my own business providing social media expertise to individuals, businesses and other organisations so they could achieve a greater reach and impact through innovative ideas and practical social media solutions. Together with my partner, John Burgess, we are also growing our family business; Jim’s Mobile Car Cleaning with a vision of encouraging impeccable work values and delivering unquestionable service.

All these past endeavors have prepared me for my next chapter as the new Chair of Territory Proud.

As a brand and organisation of business owners who want to succeed, I applaud all the board members and members who entrusted this position unto me. Territory Proud plays a vital irreplaceable role in our next steps in business and I assure you; your businesses will benefit as we grow Territory Proud as a brand and build a larger community of like-minded people.

I encourage you to share the posts that you connect to with your networks so we can grow our support base to help each other and grow the Territory. To this effect, I want to share a few questions I have been asking myself, that other business owners may find note-worthy;

  • What and who are your current prospect base of customers or clients?
  • Are you fighting over the same customers that your competitors are trying to attract?
  • Is your main strategy in business to innovate or compete?
  • What opportunities exist in new markets, outside of the NT?
  • Who could benefit from your knowledge, service or product?
  • How can you position yourself to serve a new market?

These are a few questions some business owners may not consider.

In the future, I’ll dive deeper and tackle each of those questions individually so we as a whole can learn how to unpack this for your businesses. For now, as Seth Godin said, “Successful people build a tribe.” I am glad you have found your tribe in Territory Proud and as your new Chair, I will make you proud.

Territory Proud to Celebrate its 15th Birthday

birthday cake

In August 2002 the Dept of Business approached the NT Business Council to lead a program to replace the Territory Made program which was found like some state programs didn’t comply with the Federal Trade Practices Act. A meeting was held and the result was the name Territory Proud was chosen. At the time I was the independent Chairman of the NTBC and a committee was formed to launch the program in February 2003 with the Territory Proud Youth Choir singing the theme song and a comprehensive media program to promote the new brand. The majority of this money came from industry and  media sponsorship.

Since that time Territory Proud has operated under the NTBC and then as a Trust before becoming an Incorporated Association in 2007. I am very proud of my association with Territory Proud over that time but feel it is now time to step down as Chairman at this year’s AGM. Our AGM will be held on November 16 and I encourage all our members to consider taking a position on the committee for the coming year.

I am proud that the words Territory Proud have now become part of our language and we now have almost 300 members. This year we have also added the brands ‘Territory Made’ and ‘Territory Grown’ and now have signage to suit. You can add these brands to your existing membership at a cost of 50% of your Territory Proud membership or business can choose to just be Territory Made or Territory Grownn"

Our 15th Anniversary is on February 15thand we will be producing a booklet with the NT News to celebrate the event. Join us in the celebration

Territory Brand takes it's Territory Pride to the World

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Territory Proud member Nt Beverages Group, are taking Territory product to new markets having recently , signed a 10-year contract with one of South Korea’s leading FMCG distribution Companies, Jace Company. Established in 2007 in Seoul, South Korea, Jace Company specialises in the distribution of fast moving consumer goods such as food and cosmetic products. NT Beverages has signed up Jace Company as its exclusive distributor, for the mass distribution of its bottled water brands, Akuna Springs™ and Akuna Blue™ across South Korea. This is expected to create more jobs for Territorians as they expand their warehousing, maintenance and logistics capabilities. It also sure to create further opportunities for trade investment between the northern Territory and South Korea.

Korea is Northern Territory’s sixth largest export market and Korea is linked to major projects in the Northern Territory through the petroleum industry, including the construction of the Shell Prelude floating liquefied natural gas facility which is now on its way to waters off North West Australia.

NT Beverages is a relatively new endeavour, having launched just 2 years ago, and completed construction of their Acacia Hills pump stationd East Arm bottling plant in 2016. Since then they have grown from strength to strength with distribution throughout Australia and now internationally.

NT Beverages is a Territory success story and a Territory Proud business we watch with interest their ever growing success. Make sure you look out for their brand Akuna Blue and Akuna Springs at your local store.

Speed Mini Golf Challenge

Territory Proud is pleased to support NO MORE and the Rotary Youth Sports Foundation in assiting with the $100,000 Hole-in-One Competition and the Speed Mini Golf Challenge each Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Territory Proud members are encouraged to join in the fun and/or sponsor a hole or a night to show your support of these 2 worth causes.



In conjunction with the $100,000 Hole-in-One Competition

Friday 6pm to 9pm on from May 19 to July 14

Get your family, friends and work mates together to have some fun at Gardens Park Golf Links

Food and refreshments available

  1. Entry fee is $5 per person. You can make up a team and then challenge others for a team head to head.
  2. Your score is the total of the number of shots and the time in seconds. e.g 20 shots x 300 seconds equals 320
  3. The ball must be stationery before playing the shot.
  4. The player who plays the shot must take it out of the hole and place it on the line for the first shot on the next hole.
  5. Any shot that goes off the course results in returning to the first hole and starting again at the score standing when the ball went out of bounds.
  6. The best score in each hour of competition will get one free shot at the hole in one competition.
  7. The winner tonight will get a $50 voucher at Territory Proud member Frying Nemo, Tipperary Waters
  8. The decision of the referee is final.

Book your date now. Challenge other businesses or sporting groups

Email your booking to:

All Proceeds to NO MORE & Rotary Youth Sports Foundation

Win $100,000 in Hole-in-One Golf Competition

Territory Proud Inc is pleased to support the NO MORE Campaign and The Rotary Club of Darwin who  have joined forces to bring an exciting new event to Darwin. This event is dsigned to bring territorians and visitors together at the iconic Gardens Park Golf Links in hte centre of Darwin for the chnace to have some fun and possibly win $100,000  for a Hole-in-One on the final night. 

The 10 weeks of qualifying start on Friday May 5th when the public can purchase the chance to have 3 shots to get in the final shoot out for the $100,000.

There is also a fun chance to participate in the Speed Mini Golf. This will also be held over the 11 weeks and is an opportunity for social clubs, sprting groups, friends and family to get together and have some fun on Friday nights during the Dry.

There will be food and drinks available on site. Why not meet after work and enjoy the ambience of this wonderful location right in the centre of Darwin.

Night Golf 2

Mini golf

We have been asked what happens if no hole in one is achieved on that final night. Well, do not despair, Paspaley Pearls have come forward and donated a beautiful Kimberley Bracelet as the consolation prize for the runner up or, in the event of no hole in one, as the prize for 'nearest to the pin' on that final night. Thank you Paspaley Pearls for your ongoing support to our community.

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  1. all contestants must agree to and sign the Release and Indemnity upon registration.
  2. Organisers have the right at any time to prohibit a person from participating in the competition
  3. The competition is open to any person other than a person who is or has been a professional golfer.
  4. Competitors may purchase 1 shot for $10or 3 for $20 and must tee off within 30 seconds of name call.
  5. The member of the public and corporate invitee whose ball finishes nearest to the pin at the end of each day of competition will each receive a daily prize and an invitation to the shootout at the end of the competition with the opportunity to win $100,000.
  6. To be eligible for measurement a ball must finish on the green and inside the previous best measurement.
  7. The invitation to participate in the shootout is not transferable
  8. Competitors who qualify more than once for the shootout will have their turns separated by at least 2 other competitors. Maximum of 3 qualifications.
  9. At the shootout competitors will have only one shot – no mulligans etc. - and any person who hits a hole in one will win $100,000.
  10. Final shootout will be subject to such conditions as required by the prize funding body and may be filmed or audited.
  11. The Rotary appointed referee’s decision in all matters will be final.
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